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18-22 April 2019

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This tour starts in Cuijk (van der Valk Hotel) and will show you all the highlights and MUST SEE in the oldest city in The Netherlands - Nijmegen.


Twice a day you can join us for an approximately 2,5 hrs tour with our adapted luxury coach. (with lift) 


Special price at only  € 15,- p.p.


Short impression Sight Seeing during World Cup Cuijk 2019



This accessible sight seeing tour is suitable for wheelchairs.

Our guide will take you on a discovery tour through the Nijmegen empire. From Cuijk we leave for Nijmegen city where we get all the facts of the area along the way, during the tour you will learn everything from the different places and areas we drive past and through. In short, a trip that you will not forget and gives your visit to Cuijk 2019 something extra. 


The 'Land van Cuijk'  is a region where there is unlimited enjoyment. This is where Brabant hospitality, Burgundian life and Limburg cosiness comes together.


The 'Land van Cuijk'  is slightly below Nijmegen, the oldest city in the Netherlands and in the beginning of our era a famous Roman stronghold. Just across the border in Germany lies Xanten, also a famous Roman site where almost everything remembers this time. In between lies the 'Land van Cuijk' where you can still see numerous traces of early occupation and activities of, among others, Celts and Romans. But even after that the area remained popular with all kinds of power gentlemen, peasants, lazy outside, craftsmen, merchants and church princes. Numerous monumental buildings and settlement works give an impression of the "growth and flowering" and the "good and bad" of the area.

Nijmegen the oldest city in the Netherlands which we show you in a bird's-eye view and let you taste old and new.

In the Kingdom of Nijmegen, Roman times are never far away. In and around Museum Het Valkhof you will find a wealth of archaeological finds from these and other times. Once there was the 10th legion on this spot, which probably also built the Roman aqueduct, of which you can still see the channels. Do you really feel how life was in the time of the Romans? Museum park Orientalis through the Roman Street, complete with inn and school.

Smallest village in the Netherlands

Of the once prosperous glory Persingen are now only the church and two farms. With that, Persingen is known as the smallest village in the Netherlands. The medieval church is currently used as an exhibition space.

The current church of Persingen was built in the 14th century, the tower a century later. A castle was also built. At that time, Persingen grew into a thriving settlement, which even got the status of glory. Such a glory was governed by a noble lord who had acquired quite a large independence in the area of ​​church law and administration.

The Ooijpolder is one of the most beautiful areas of the Rijk van Nijmegen.


Nowhere else is the landscape as varied as in the Ooij, with its lakes, dike houses, avenues, meadows and forests. But that is only recently.


In the past it was an empty, bare polder that was under water every year. In addition to some poor farmers, there were workers from the stone factories, who did heavy work against a peasant wage.


Life was certainly no fun. And whether that was not bad enough, everyone was constantly in fear of dike breaches.




On 17 September 1944, countless paratroopers and gliders landed in Groesbeek with war material. Operation Market Garden had started.

Many eyewitnesses remember the fierce battle. 




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